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Project TitleExtended Testability Analysis (ETA) Tool
Track CodeLEW-18795-1

The Extended Testability Analysis (ETA) Tool software was developed to extend the testability analysis capabilities of Qualtech Systems Inc.’s Testability Engineering And Maintenance System (TEAMS) Designer software. TEAMS Designer is commercial-off-the-shelf software with the capability to qualitatively model and analyze the propagation of faults through the modeled system. The resulting diagnostic model is a directed graph representation of the failure effect propagation paths within the system’s physical architecture. The ETA Tool extracts information from the TEAMS Designer output and the associated diagnostic model to provide the following set of detailed reports highlighting aspects of the system’s diagnostic performance: test utilization report, failure mode detectability report, failure mode isolation report, component isolation report, effect mapping report, and sensor sensitivity analysis. Information provided by these reports was shown to be a powerful tool for assessing compliance with system fault management requirements early in NASA’s Ares I design cycle. The ETA Tool software package is classified as Class E software under NASA Procedural Requirement 7150.2A. In its current form, the ETA Tool software package is designed to “perform minor desktop analysis of science or experimental data.” The software is not intended for use in operational flight or ground systems, or for use in supporting technical decisions relevant to those systems. However, the application of ETA Tool technology to a specific flight or ground system could result in application software that is appropriate for use in flight or ground systems. The ETA Tool software package includes a User Guide (NASA CR-2011-217240) and all files required to execute the ETA Tool software with a TEAMS example application/model. Qualtech’s TEAMS Designer software is not included in the ETA Tool software package.

Posted DateOct 13, 2011 9:42 AM


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