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Project TitleSystematic Sensor Selection Strategy (S4) Software
Track CodeLEW-18815-1

The Systematic Sensor Selection Strategy (S4) was developed to optimally select a sensor suite from a larger pool of candidate sensors based on their performance in a diagnostic system. For aerospace systems, selecting the proper sensors is important for ensuring adequate measurement coverage to satisfy operational, maintenance, performance, and system diagnostic criteria. S4 optimizes the selection of sensors based on a user-defined fault-diagnostic approach while taking conflicting objectives such as cost, weight and reliability into consideration. S4 can be described as a general architecture structured to accommodate application-specific components and requirements. It performs combinational optimization with a user defined merit or cost function to identify optimum or near-optimum sensor suite solutions. The S4 software package is classified as Class E software under NASA Procedural Requirement 7150.2A. In its current form, the S4 software package and example problem are designed to “perform minor desktop analysis of science or experimental data.” The software is not intended for use in operational flight or ground systems, or for use in supporting technical decisions relevant to those systems. However, the application of S4 technology to a specific flight or ground system could result in application software that is appropriate for use in flight or ground systems. The S4 example application software was constructed using MATLAB version R2009b running under the Windows XP Professional operating system. For portability and for compatibility with the LCC compiler (provided with MATLAB), MEX-files included with the S4 software package were written in C. The S4 software package includes a User Guide (NASA CR-2011-215242) and all files required to execute and verify results for the S4 example application.

Posted DateOct 12, 2011 12:36 PM


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