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Project TitleC3I Networking Software
Track CodeLEW-18494
DescriptionNetworking Implementation of Constellation Program (CxP) Communications, Command, Control, & Information (C3I) Software This software contains projects to test IP, TCP, UDP, dhcp, dns, mibs and resolve network components. This software is for a test environment for a series of prototyping tests. System - Networked QNX RTOS Development host with 2 Freescale target systems. Software - QNX RTOS, Freescale BSP, various libraries, application binaries, scripts, and data files. The purpose of the system and the software is to provide a breadboard environment for the testing of prototyped C3I requirements allocated to the NASA extravehicular Activity (EVA) Configuration 2 suit (Lunar) as part of an EVA Exploration Technology Development Program (ETDP) C3I Software Development task. This software is intended to be used in a breadboard environment for testing of software developed to explore design concepts for various EVA C3I requirements. The breadboard environment consists of 2 Freescale Media 5200 targets networked with a QNX RTOS development host.
Posted DateNone


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