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Project TitleIceVal DatAssistant
Track CodeLEW-18343
DescriptionThe IceVal DatAssistant automated icing data management system has been developed to provide an improved mechanism for management of the large volume of data generated and utilized in the course of performing icing research. This system has two primary components: (1) a relational database, used to store experimental testing and/or simulation software results consisting of ice shape coordinates and the associated operational and environmental conditions data, as well as airfoil coordinates for any relevant airfoils; and (2) a graphically-oriented database access utility, used to upload, download, process and/or display user-specified data. The relational database component of the IceVal DatAssistant release package consists of a Microsoft Access 2003 database file with nine individual database tables. Included in this comprehensive database are the ice tracings and associated conditions data from all publicly releasable NASA/Glenn Icing Research Tunnel (IRT)-generated experimental ice shapes to date with complete and verifiable conditions. In addition, simulation software ice shape results for many of the corresponding conditions, generated using the latest version of the LEWICE ice shape prediction code, are likewise included. The system's database access utility component was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (VB), and consists of 10 individual VB form modules and an additional 3 VB support modules. Together, these modules provide the ability to upload, download, process, and display all data contained in the database via an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). In addition, the IceVal GUI also enables the user to perform a variety of database maintenance functions, providing, for example, the ability to compact the current database or to create a new, fully-initialized but empty, database file directly from the IceVal interface.
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